wordplay series.

i use watercolor and pastels to create high vibrational auras and color explosions. i add cheeky sayings and provocative one-liner poems, challenging the notions of beauty and convention, spiritual and shadow, conjuring mixed dressing, high and low vibe, pretty and profane, all in one painting. the juxtaposition results in a pause. hopefully a laugh. maybe even provoking a little conversation. 9 x 12 on paper and 24 x 24 on wood.

crate series

i use acrylic, watercolor and pastels on wood to create color explosions. after moving to austin, a dining table arrived in a giant crate that dominated my garage. i saw it as a chance to use an imperfect, roughed up canvas to create something beautiful. i add a phrase to invoke a mood, sometimes in opposition, sometimes in jest, sometimes to fuck some shit up. it reminds me of the graffiti of 1980’s new york city, when scribbles and scrabbles dominated the subway and every surface of a crumbling city. and yet, as a kid, all i saw was a city as living, breathing piece of art, an ever evolving museum, a feast for the eyes while getting mugged and dodging crack pipes. let the crate series be a respite from this dumpster fire of a world.

color explosions series

like fireworks but with pastels and watercolors. swirls and circles invoke portals, a space to sink deep into, to lose yourself to transform. my sun and mercury are in the 8th house, the one of death, rebirth and renewal. my pluto is in the 12th house meaning i ponder the mysteries of life, death and higher consciousness. basically, i’m like madonna or new orleans, in constant state of transitioning from one period to another, always seeking doors to take me from one state to the next. it’s no wonder my intuition drives my hand to find what my soul searches for. 9 x 12 on paper and 24 x 24 on wood.

venus in fire signs: union
venus in fire signs: separation