when pacific lights summon you



one of a kind original painting

the pacific is my mama. like. as a pisces moon. she is home. she is dynamic. she takes no shit. she will beat you into the seabed floor if you are feeling yourself when you shouldn’t. she will elevate you, cleanse your aura, kiss your toes. but you gotta come correct. lemme tell you. moving to landlocked texas (lakes are giant puddles!) made me miss her so badly. i’d dream of her. she’d call to me. come home. let me hold you in my siren waves. the sands who flank me will embrace you, hold you up in this life. keep you in my breast my child. so i painted her. to let her know she means just as much to me while plotting my return.

playlist for this piece: hole “pacific coast highway,” the 1975 “love it if we made it,” and fleetwood mac “dreams”

acrylic and pastel on wood panel. sealed with varnish


can be framed or hung. please request a wire to be attached to the back

domestic shipping within the US included




Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × .25 × 24 in