I write about love, travel, art & spirituality. Mostly in the form of essays. Almost all fall into the humor category. You can read some of my stuff here.

I was born on the same day as Liberace, Tori Spelling and Janet Jackson. I’m a flamboyant Taurus sun, with a Pisces moon and Libra rising.

“Why not?” is my ruling mantra. Sometimes it gets me into trouble. Other times, amazing situations. No matter what, it’s always interesting.

I’m a blonde girl from Connecticut, but I can spit rhymes like Jay-Z.

At the University of Michigan, I  spontaneously joined a band by jumping on stage and grabbing a microphone. What I lack in vocal skills I make up with “showmanship.”

I’m a shoe lover that lived on the same Manhattan street as Carrie Bradshaw.

But I love the golden hour and creative energy of Los Angeles. That’s why I moved to Silver Lake.

I worked at ad agencies for a long time. I made the leap to freelance writing, specifically humor essays. A lot of them are about dating because trying to find Mr. Right is hilarious.

I’ve been owned by a rascally wheaten terrier named Lincoln since 2013.

In 2016, I road tripped through 33 states for 13,000 miles with Lincoln as my navigator. I love travel and adventure. I consider myself an urban explorer.

I love art. I love jumping. You’ll find me doing the latter in front of the former a lot. I jumped at nearly every stop on our road trip and beyond. You can see them here.

I have a secret love of hot dogs. I have a rotten sense of smell. These two things may be related.

Chocolate is my jam. Sometimes literally. (Never shun a melted bar!)