moon/ocean series

the sky and the pacific are wide open spaces leaving voids to be filled with imagination. mostly, we ignore them. but they are vast universes full of mystery. as a woman, i am partial to the moon, ruling my cycle and my moods, a ruler tugging at my tides. what if it’s not just a flat, one dimensional top to a photo but a whole mural of its own? what if the ocean isn’t just a giant bath but a giant, dynamic entity in constant movement. i seek to find the character within the emptiness, visually creating outfits reflecting their collective moods.

california series

i seek to capture the california dream. mythic in the collective mind, california evokes utopia. in some ways it is. in others, the dream has died, leaving a dystopia in its wake. i photograph the moon, trees and flowers with color auras, hazy even, recapturing the idealized and ethereal nature of the golden state’s brand, almost as though the lens is tripping on ‘shrooms.

flower series

lights series

i’m fascinated by light. how a few moments can change everything. from darkness to light, from shadows to dawn. a shift in light can change perception, how you see someone of your surroundings. adding color can add merriment or create something new entirely. i spend a lot of time looking up, watching light dance on walls and ceilings, how it changes the shape of things.