Playing Silver Lake Shaman

Recently, Quartz and LAist featured articles on “The Silver Lake Shaman.” If you don’t want to click through and leave my joy of a site, here’s the net-net: this new “type” is the new Brooklyn Lumberjack,” just more feminine and high-end hippie. She lives in the hills of Los Feliz and Silver Lake, is scented in Palo Santo, totes crystals and wears spice-colored prairie dresses, ponchos, and flat-topped straw hats. She drinks Moon Juice, makes oil-based salves and tinctures, eats Avocado Toast and visits Pappy and Harriet’s when she’s in the desert.

The thing is, it’s hilarious because it is so beyond true. And I’m one of them.

I’ve collected crystals since I was a kid and got into juicing for health benefits. I sage and use palo santo to clear energy from me and the homestead. While I don’t look good in spice colors, I do have a straw hat, a celestial scarf, a crochet scarf from Marfa and of course, a t-shirt from every musician’s favorite desert jam spot, Pappy and Harriet’s.


I looked down at myself and said, “Shit, I’m full on Silver Lake Shaman today.”

And then I draped Linky in his new blanket and said, “Dude, you’re in on it too, now. Shaman power!”