There are a few things that will get me really motivated. 1) Coffee. 2) Linky jumping on me to make me take him out in the just-post-dawn morning. 3) Adventure. 4) An interesting man with a good sense of humor.  5) Cost-efficient, youth renewing potions and tools.

Out visit to LA’s Chinatown came to be in a combination of #3 and #5. In my case, two out of five is more than ain’t bad. It’s a must go.

I piled Linky in the car happy at the prospect of also tiring him out. That’s also part of #2, so three out of five = KAZOO.

I found an online guide of sights to see in Chinatown, but really, I was motivated to find a jade roller used to massage the face. It causes collagen to regenerate which minimizes wrinkles. It also stimulates the muscles so they are more taut. I like looking at young as my youthful joie de vivre. I don’t like Botox and Fillers so this $8 little roller seemed like a pretty good investment.

Chinatown is also home to lots of art galleries. I was excited to explore. Unfortunately, we went on a Monday afternoon and most of the galleries were closed. Still, we were able to visit the local stores and some of the landmarks.

The first sight we saw is the motel seen in La La Land. I know that because it’s stated on the motel marquee!

From here, we went into a shopping complex that had an interesting home store with a modern take on Asian artifacts. We went into a few traditional souvenir shops and I was able to finally find my jade roller. From here, we walked some more, took in the amazing red lanterns and fell for the exterior of the temple.

We went into a few more shops and everyone was excited to see Linky. Linky was excited to see everyone. It was a win-win-win because 1) I got my roller; 2) explored a new area of town; and 3) Linky got his much needed daily attention and also a walk so he went home and napped for several hours while I obsessively massaged my face in The Battle Of My Wrinkles.

I also got a brass tiger. Because while shrooming in the Ann Arbor Arboreteum in college, I visualized two tigers sitting next to me. I also thought someone playing music in a nearby house was my DJ. I believed everyone was coming to party in my honor. This episode is lovingly called, “My Delusions of Shrooming Grandeur,” and we never speak of it. I never touched shrooms again due to the level of misery for all involved.

But, like, the tiger is cool. I was born in a Year Of The Tiger, so that’s why it’s my spirit animal.

And this my friends, is revisionist history in action.

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  1. Howd the jade roller work out for ya! Ive used a Guasha before, i think its called?? Its supposed to massage sink for increased circulation. Haha love it!! >^_^<

    1. I think it helped. I used it religiously for a week and then forgot. I need to restart it. I will let you know!

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