Homeboy Linky

Dis is Linky. I hasn’t done blogs in awhiles. I’s been busy.

It’s nots easy bein’ an Instagram model. I’s work hard for mah fans.

How about more abouts me? I’s from La Habra Heights, which is a place in betweens LA and Palm Springs. I’s a SoCal boy. I’s moved to LA to live wiff Mama when I’s wuz 3 months old. I’s a Homeboy.

Mama and I’s wents to Echo Park and walked by dis mural. I wuz like dis is mah town!

Mah town!

Mama, why youz wearing a dress on our walk? Also, it’s hots so why dah boots?

SKATEBOARD! Get outta mah town!!!!!

Where wuz I’s?

I just wanna lick mah paws.

Get off dah sidewalk biker!

Imma gonna getcha biker!

Hi Mama!

Bye fans! I gotsa lot to do today. Six more naps.

Dress: Doen Collective.