Musings: Adventures, Surgery and a Brief Hiatus

I live in woo-woo Los Angeles, so I’m very aware of all of the astrological shifts happening. People in the know say it’s transformative. People like AstroSparkles. Her posts are the main reason I check Facebook. But it’s one thing to read it and another to live it.

2015 is a game changer for me. I feel like a different person than on December 31, 2014. I’m stronger, more confident and more patient than ever before. I know what I’m supposed to be doing and that it’s only a matter of time for my destiny to come to fruition.

Saturn was in retrograde from 2012 until December 2014. Except for me and Tauruses born May 16-19. Health is the focus. Being relatively healthy, I dismissed it. Until a few weeks ago when an MRI screen proved me wrong.

I saw a huge blob of tissue resting on every organ in my pelvis. It’s a fibroid tumor (benign) in my uterus that’s plagued me for nearly a decade. For whatever reason, I thought it was much smaller and just hanging out where a baby would be. Turns out it’s in the muscle, smooshing my uterus to the size of a cat’s eye and taking space where important things like my colon should be. Nothing like a visual to spur some action.

I’m having surgery this week to nuke this sucker. A radiologist will inject it with a solution to kill the fibroid’s blood supply. Kind of like a vampire hitting sunshine, it’s not going to go quietly. I’ll be in pain for about a week, but I expect the meds to be good. Very good. My mom will be here to chill with Lincoln and watch over me. I think we’ll have some California sunshiney love time.

I was inspired last week to let loose (as much as my body would allow in it’s weakened state) and do some new things I’ve wanted to do for awhile. It’s not a bucket list so don’t think this is going morbid. I’m tired of the same routine, people and places. I love my main coffee shop but there’s just too many people who know where to find me (they need to stop wanting to find me but that’s their bag.) I made a list and I’ve been checking each adventure off.

I started by taking a Yoga Booty Ballet class. It’s a high energy dance class. In the past, I was scared to not know the routine. But I couldn’t give a shit. I did pretty well and had a blast dancing my little heart out. Who knew there was a song called “White Girl Got An Ass” and that I’d want to dance to it? Linky and I hit a new coffee shop and I flirted with a very cute restaurant owner. I hit up book club early and ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, which I’d always wanted to do. At book club, I got a funky drink with Blue Curacau called Unicorn Tendencies made specially for our group. It’s not everyday you have a blue drink!

The next day, Linky and I hit up Malibu so he could run on the beach. Little pup gets so excited when we turn on PCH and he sees the ocean. I hit up a coffee shop in Malibu and was hit on by two men. (A theme? New places, new blood!)

Day 3, I did the walking trail around the Hollywood reservoir. It was peaceful and a good workout. I saw a dad carrying his son on his shoulders while skateboarding (strong core). I grabbed lunch at foodie spot Sqirl. I got the Sorrel Pesto rice bowl with rose infused rice, a meyer lemon preserve, radishes and goat cheese. It was unique and delicious although I’d likely try something else next time. Linky and I went to a new coffee shop and dog park (hit on by another guy!) and then I got dinner at Jon and Vinny’s, just opened this week. It’s from the guys behind Animal and has pizza and pasta. #nomnomnom

By Days 4 and 5, I was fatigued so I took it easy. I need to keep my strength up for surgery. This will be my last post for a week or two. I don’t want to give you shitty posts or feel compelled to write when I don’t feel like it (you’ll know!) or I may write under the haze of pain killers #buzzedblogging. I expect my hiatus to be a week or two at most, but I’ll keep you posted in this space!